• Jegog Jembrana

    Negara .

    Jegog which is a distinctive art of music of Jembrana, formerly is a traditional music in which its instruments are made of bamboo in huge sizes. It was created in 1912 by Kiyang Geliduh, an artist from Sebual Sub-Village, Jembrana Sub- District.

    At the next period, Jegog which is firstly used as an art of performance and entertainment. The instruments are collaborated with other music instruments, and often performed to accompany Balinese Traditional Dance.

    As the tradition of Mekepung, the art of Jegog is also originally created in Jembrana which has been developed and popular all over the world. Nowadays, jegog could be watched in form of music art, as well as collaboration with traditional dances.

    Jembrana Regency, Jegog is available in almost all villages, and has becoming the trade mark of Jembrana Regency in the field of art. As tourism attraction, Jegog is often performed at stared hotels and restaurants in Bali, or other places according to the request of the tourists.


  • Tenun Jembrana

    Mendoyo .

    Jembrana is  famous for its friendly community of people who come to visit so no wonder if the people who live in Jembrana area is a plural society.
    For the indigenous community of Jembrana region is famous for producing a very beautiful woven fabric.

    The motives of this woven fabric are done traditionally with manual equipment from the smallest environment in the life of Jembrana households. Most of this woven fabric work done by housewives and mothers who are elderly.

    The government  thinking is very important if a woman or girl to be able to use the weaving machine as part of education  and build  a sense of love for the culture of art weaving.

    We do really appreciated  Jembrana women who highly uphold the cultural values ​​and history of the development of this jembrana woven fabric.
    Weaving became a culture that developed within the community of Jembrana women at that time where the results that we can still observe with so many works that exist in Jembrana region which is a very expensive inheritance for the nation culture.