Medewi Beach is known as a world class break and stands tall amongst Bali's internationally renowned surf. It is establishing cult status among the international surfing community who are embracing the long, glassy left hander that you often have all to yourself...a rarity in Bali!

Such is the quality of the wave, international surf comps have been held at the break, which offers a top variety of size and depending on the day rate from beginner to decent intermediate level.

It is a true surfer’s paradise - the Aussie owner, a lifelong surfer and ocean lover, fell in love with the break (being a goofy!) and wanted to establish what he had found to be scarce; a great surf spot with high end accommodation, restaurant and creature comforts like wifi and water you can drink! 

While you will feel like you're surfing a true, secluded Indo wave - the kind you see in Tracks - there's no boat rides, sand floor huts, poor sanitation or intermittent power.

When you get in we've also got you covered with a masseuse on hand and fit ball and yoga/fit kit so you can limber up for your next session. So you are always on top of the conditions, locally sourced, expert surf and tide information is sent to your very own ipad every morning.

And to top it all off, stay in bed and check out the surf with a 24/7 live feed from the surf cam set up over the restaurant. It's evident that the resort is created by a surfer with surfer top of mind. 

Just let staff know if you want one of our surfing experts to take you out and get to know the break, they're more than happy to oblige!