Odyle Knight

"There are times in our lived when we are led onto a road that we never expected, and often it takes a strange turn of events to get us there. Some call t serendipity, others coincidence. I call it divine intervention."

When Odyle first travelled to the ancient island of Bali she had no idea she was about to about to embark on spiritual odyssey like no other, falling on love with a handsome Hindu priest. Unexpected twists in their relationship, and the appearance of another man, lead to tales of jealously intrigue and magical spells as a further piece of the karmic puzzle is revealed.

Entwined in this story of passionate love is a journey of self-discovery, one that is marked by an extraordinary fate. Led to a spiritual realm that is as powerful as it is awe-inspiring, Odyle meets not only kings, political leaders and mystics along her path, but also is given access to spiritual treasures accessible only to a chosen few. Beyond this remarkable destiny, is an ageless tie to an exotic, mystical island. Bali.

Even more extraordinary, every word of her story is true.