Perancak Turtle Conservation & Nirwana Bali Garden Tour

(IDR 550 K/Person, Min 2 Person/ Duration 4 hours

The turtle conservation initiative is located in Perancak fishing village, Kurma Asih Conservations is a part of the comprehensive strategy to eradicate illegal turtle trading on the Bali Island.

Join the tour for a turtle education and a chance to release a baby turtle back to the sea. At Kurma Asih you will be able to get personally involved and with a small donation you can adopt your own baby turtle then release it back to their habitat. Then we will continue to Pengambengan river mouth where we can see the authentic traditional fishing boat own by locals with full decoration and colorful. On the return we will pass Negara, our city town seeing the unique Malayan Community with their distinctive art and culture, as well as their unique home building named rumah panggung.

Finally, enjoy your coffee break at Nirwana Garden Bali “Your hidden escape” for refreshment and selfie spot.