Negara City Tour by Dokar

(IDR 550 K/Person, Min 2 Person/ Duration 3 hours)


Negara as the capital of Jembrana Regency which is located at the west part of Bali Island and Negara have been completed by infrastructure and public facilities such as transportation, telecommunication, hospital, trade center, etc. Negara cannot be separated from Dokar as a means of transportation in the past.

Dokar is a traditional transportation with two wheels cart pulled by a horse. The capacity of the passengers is maximum four persons include the cabman. In the past, the Dokar was very popular among the students, teachers, lecturers, even the rich and the nobles liked to get on this vehicle. Previously there are 200 Dokar in Negara but sadly they only 6 Dokar left right now.

The tour will start at biggest traditional market in the city where the locals going for shopping of daily needs and then will continue ride the Dokar visiting “Jagatnatha temple” which is one of temple in town with its amazing traditional Balinese architecture  surrounded by beautiful landscape, flowers, statues, and fish pool. With Dokar we also visit Tenun Jembrana “Jembrana Weaving”. Our government thinking is very important if a woman or girl to be able to use the weaving machine as part of education and build a sense of love for the culture of art weaving, and appreciated Jembrana women who highly uphold the cultural values ​​and history of the development of this Jembrana woven fabric which is the motives are done traditionally with manual equipment from the smallest environment in the life of Jembrana households. At the gallery you can check some product for souvenir!